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Dark Hills Divide
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Review of THE DARK HILLS DIVIDE by Patrick Carman

by Becky Laney

Carman, Patrick. 2005. THE DARK HILLS DIVIDE. New York: Orchard. ISBN 0439700930.

Alexa Daley is a young twelve-year-old girl with a heart for adventure in Patrick Carman's THE DARK HILLS DIVIDE. The book is the first in a series called THE LAND OF ELYON. Alexa has lived her whole life in a walled community consisting of three or four towns. Her father is an important figure in the community, and it is during their summer trip to the main town of Bridewell that her adventures begin. Alexa discovers a secret key that opens the door to a secret passageway out of the wall--and the world as she knows it--what will she discover when she leaves her community? Is the world really such a scary place as the townspeople think? Are there monsters outside the walls or within the walls?

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