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Here are a few of my favorite authors:

Kathi Appelt

Kathi Appelt writes picture books, poetry, short stories, and nonfiction books for children and/or young adults. My personal favorite Appelt books are her three BUBBA AND BEAU books and her poetry book MY FATHER'S SUMMERS: A DAUGHTER'S MEMOIR. I've had the privelege of meeting her twice! Her latest book is MISS LADY BIRD'S WILDFLOWERS: HOW A FIRST LADY CHANGED AMERICA.

Kathi Appelt's Official Site

Joan Bauer

Joan Bauer is a recent discovery of mine. However, she's been publishing YA books for years--her first book Squashed was published in 1994. She has written eight novels; each one is excellent. It's hard to pick a favorite...but my top three would include Hope Was Here, The Rules of the Road, and Squashed.

Joan Bauer's Official Site

Orson Scott Card

If there is one author that I simply can't get enough has to be Orson Scott Card. Perhaps best known for ENDER'S GAME and ENDER'S SHADOW, he has written a variety of material including science fiction/fantasy novels, short stories, poetry, and plays. He's even written a how-to book on writing! His website is exemplary. It is regularly updated...and just too fun to miss. I love his reviews! His newest book,Empire, will be published in November 2006. The first five chapters are available to read on his site.

Orson Scott Card's Official Site

Miss Becky's Orson Scott Card Page

Lauren Child

Lauren Child is perhaps my favorite picture book writer AND illustrator. Her works are unforgettable. One of her newest picture books is The Princess and the Pea. And she is continuing to produce a steady flow of Charlie and Lola books as well some in hardback and others in paperback. The first three are I will Never Not Ever Eat A Tomato, I Am Not Sleepy and I Will Not Go To Bed and I am Too Absolutely Small for School.

The official TV SHOW site

Sarah Dessen

Sarah Dessen is one of my all-time favorite YA authors. Her characters are so well-developed, so unique, so perfect. And perhaps the thing that makes Dessen so unique in the field of YA literature, her romances are developed slowly! The relationships aren't shallow, under-developed, uninspired, and generic. Her books include This Lullaby, That Summer, Keeping the Moon, Someone Like You, Dreamland, The Truth About Forever, and Just Listen.

Sarah Dessen's Official Site

Angela Johnson

Angela Johnson writes picture books for younger readers and novels for older readers. Some of her books include ONE OF THREE, DO LIKE KYLA, HEAVEN, and GONE FROM HOME. She has a new picture book out called A SWEET SMELL OF ROSES (2005). It is illustrated by Eric Velasquez.

Miss Becky's Angela Johnson Author Study

Kathleen Krull

Kathleen Krull mainly writes nonfiction books for children and young adults. She is the author of the "Lives of..." series of collective biographies. (LIVES OF EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN: RULERS, REBELS (AND WHAT THE NEIGHBORS THOUGHT)) She also has written several picture book biographies.

Kathleen Krull's Official Site

Miss Becky's Kathleen Krull Author Study

Carolyn Meyer

Carolyn Meyer is a YA author who specializes in historical fiction. She has written over forty books! Some of her works include White Lilacs and Jubilee Journey as well as the Young Tudor Royals series featuring Mary, Bloody Mary, Beware Princess Elizabeth, Doomed Queen Anne, and Patience, Princess Catherine. Her newest book Loving Will Shakespeare is an incredible book. Her current writing project is tentatively called Duchessina and will be about Catherine de' Medici.

Carolyn Meyer's Official Site

Stephenie Meyer

Stephenie Meyer is a relatively new YA writer. Her first book, Twilight, was published in 2005. It is the beginning of a great series featuring a lovable trouble-magnet Bella Swan and her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen. Featuring romance, adventure, danger, and high school...the books are too good to miss. New Moon is the second book in the series. It released in August 2006. The third book,Eclipse will hopefully be published in the fall of 2007. Her website is great and offers lots of sneak previews. Included is a sneak preview of one of her upcoming books, Midnight Sun, which is a parallel/companion novel to Twilight told through Edward's point of view.

Stephenie Meyer's Official Site

Twilights: For Over-Obsessive Twilight Fans

Patricia Polacco

Patricia Polacco is a talented author and illustrator whose outstanding picture books include MRS KATZ AND TUSH, PINK AND SAY, THANK YOU, MR. FALKER, THE KEEPING QUILT, CHICKEN SUNDAY, and most recently AN ORANGE FOR FRANKIE.

Patricia Polacco's Official Site

Sonya Sones

Sonya Sones writes YA verse novels. Her books are excellent: STOP PRETENDING: WHAT HAPPENED WHEN MY BIG SISTER WENT CRAZY, WHAT MY MOTHER DOESN' T KNOW, and ONE OF THOSE HIDEOUS BOOKS WHERE THE MOTHER DIES. It is so difficult to choose a favorite among the three....

Sonya Sones Official Site

Scott Westerfeld

Scott Westerfeld has been writing YA books for several years but he was writing for adult audiences before that. His first book So Yesterday was an interesting commentary on social trends--particularly among teens. His interesting perspective continues in his Uglies trilogy made up of Uglies, Pretties, and Specials. A futuristic trilogy where there's a heavy price to pay for being beautiful. Other series include his Midnighters series and his vampire series which begins with Peeps.

Scott Westerfeld's official site

Scott Westefeld's blog

Janet Wong

Janet Wong is a wonderful writer of picture books and poetry books. My favorite book by Wong is GRUMP!

Miss Becky's Janet Wong Author Study


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