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Here are a few of my favorite illustrators:

Steve Johnson and Lou Fancher

Johnson and Fancher are a husband-wife team of illustrators. They have been illustrating children's books since 1979. Two 2004 books which they illustrated were: MOMMA, WILL YOU? by Dori Chaconas and BOY ON FAIRFIELD STREET by Kathleen Krull. Their official website (see below) has examples of their artwork.

Johnson and Fancher

Susan Winter

There is something about Winter's illustrations that are so comforting and so appealing! Some of the books she has illustrated are A HUG FOR YOU (2005) and GOOD NIGHT, COPYCUB (2004).

HarperChildren's Information Page on Susan Winter

Taro Yashima

Taro Yashima was definitely my "first" favorite illustrator. I still think that UMBRELLA is one of the best children's books ever written. It was my all-time favorite growing up!

Miss Becky's Author Study on Taro Yashima


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