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Miss Becky's Book Reviews

2004 Novels

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Outstanding Novels of the Year:

Barry, Dave and Ridley Pearson. 2004. PETER AND THE STARCATCHERS. New York: Hyperion Books for Children. ISBN: 0786854456.

Review of Peter and the Starcatchers

DeLaney, Mark. 2004. PEPPERLAND. Atlanta: Peachtree Publishers, Ltd. ISBN: 156145317X.

Review of Pepperland

Dessen, Sarah. 2004. THE TRUTH ABOUT FOREVER. New York: Viking. ISBN: 0670036390.

Review of The Truth About Forever

Hannigan, Katherine. 2004. IDA B.: ...AND HER PLANS TO MAXIMIZE FUN, AVOID DISASTER, AND (POSSIBLY) SAVE THE WORLD. New York: Greenwillow. ISBN: 0060730242.

Review of Ida B.

Harrison, Mette Ivie. 2004. MIRA, MIRROR. New York: Viking. ISBN: 0670059234.

Review of Mira, Mirror

Kadohata, Cynthia. 2004. KIRA-KIRA. New York: Atheneum. ISBN: 0689031602.

Review of Kira-Kira

Kass, Pnina Moed. 2004. REAL TIME. New York: Clarion Books. ISBN: 0618442030.

Kuns, J. Irvin. 2004. WHILE YOU WERE OUT. New York: Dutton. ISBN: 0525472959.

Marchetta, Melina. 2004. SAVING FRANCESCA. New York: Knopf. ISBN: 0375829822.

Review of Saving Francesca

Rose's review of Saving Francesca

Matthews, L.S. 2004. FISH. New York: Delacourte. ISBN: 0385731809.

Julie's Review of Fish

Peck, Richard. 2004. THE TEACHER'S FUNERAL: A COMEDY IN THREE PARTS. New York: Dial. ISBN 0803727364

Review of The Teacher's Funeral

Rosoff, Meg. 2004. HOW I LIVE NOW. New York: Wendy Lamb Books. ISBN: 0385746776.

Rose's Review of How I Live Now

Shusterman, Neal. 2004. THE SCHWA WAS HERE. New York: Dutton. ISBN 0525471820.

Review of The Schwa Was Here

Swanson, Julie A. 2004. GOING FOR THE RECORD. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans Books for Young Readers. ISBN: 0802852734.

Review of Going for the Record

Weeks, Sarah. 2004. SO B. IT. New York: HarperCollins. ISBN: 0066236223.

Review of So B. It

Rose's review of So B. It


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