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Hit the Road by Caroline B. Cooney
Reviewed by Becky Laney

Caroline B. Cooney's latest novel, HIT THE ROAD, is without a doubt one of the funniest books I've ever read. Britanny is in for quite a surprise when she arrives at her grandmother's house to 'babysit' her while her parents are on an Alaskan vacation. You see, Nannie has plans of her own--none of which includes staying home and watching tv--so Brit, relunctantly at first, joins her schemes little knowing how those adventures would change her life.

The plan? To pick up her former college roomates Flo, Aurelia, and Daisy and head to their 65th college reunion in Maine.

The problem? All of these ladies have been told by their adult children that they are NOT going to be allowed to go because they are too sick, too old, or too senile. In fact, Aurelia is in a facility for Alzheimer's under constant guard.

The solution? Using a rental car, and a newly licensed 16 year across New England, pick up Flo, and kidnap Aurelia, etc.

But Plan A is always being see it's not easy for Brit to follow the plan when her Nannie can't remember which town, which street, or even the last name of her best friend, Flo.

What happens along the way is both hilarious and bittersweet, as Brit gets to know these "girls" she learns some life lessons of her own.

Full of humor, action, adventure...HIT THE ROAD is an amazing novel.

If you enjoyed reading this fun intergenerational read then you might enjoy The Rules of the Road by Joan Bauer.

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